Why entrepreneurs need to take a chill pill and relax at the weekend.

Why entrepreneurs need to take a chill pill and relax at the weekend.

A study in the Journal of Organizational Behavior quotes, “This underscores the importance of the weekend for recovery experiences, as this is an important time to rejuvenate before going into a new week of work demands.” This shows that mentally detaching oneself from work by relaxing and engaging in non-professional tasks and responsibilities during the weekend actually helps entrepreneurs feel and perform better upon their return to work the following week.Specifically, relaxation during the weekend is shown to increase positive feelings -- such as joviality, self-assurance, and serenity -- while decreasing negative feelings like fear and sadness.

Three ways entrepreneurs de-stress on the weekend

Decompressing and relaxing on the weekend doesn’t always imply slouching on the couch and binge-watching Narcos on Netflix. To maximize your weekends, for starters try emulating what today’s most successful entrepreneurs are doing.

1. Turn off email.

Even though the infrastructure and technology we have today are a major part of our existence, the frustrating part of modern technology is that being offline, doesn’t exist. Even if you’re away from work, email notifications still pop up and successfully take your time. So, if you want to enjoy your weekend, it is an absolute necessity to turn off email notifications until Monday morning.If you are that person that is constantly worried about a prompt reply, consider setting up an away message like “Thanks for contacting me! I’m out of the office and away from email for the weekend. I’ll review your message on Monday morning and get back to you as soon as possible.” This will help you enjoy your weekend and also simultaneously letting others know that you are not ignoring them.

2. Spend time outdoors.

Being an entrepreneur means spending most of your time probably in an office, which can usually deprive you of the outdoor activities. Well, weekends are here to rescue you! Here are some outdoor activities that entrepreneurs often participate in:


When the weather helps, hiking is one of the best ways to clear your head and get a light exercise. Find a small hiking site or a state park near you and plan out a hike with your kids, spouse or close friend.


Snorkelling is an excellent way to simultaneously spend time in the water, get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature -- and it’s not as challenging as you may think. All you need is some basic equipment and a few tips from an instructor.

Playing sports.

Hands down, one of the best choice! Sports allow you to engage in healthy competition, increase your fitness and meet new people. For this, consider joining a casual league.You don’t have to go cliff jumping or skydiving to bring out your adventurous side on the weekend. Simply playing Table Tennis or shooting some hoops would do!

3. Wake up early.

Weekends are the brand ambassadors of slacking off and getting up late in the morning. Well, here’s a piece of unorthodox advice: wake up the same time as you did during the weekend.The trick here is to do yourself a favour by maintaining a consistent internal clock. Also, when you wake up two or three hours earlier on the weekends, you suddenly get that much more time to do things you enjoy. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and read the newspaper, go for a jog, or have brunch with friends. The options are endless!

Always make the most out of your weekend.

As an entrepreneur, you need to devote yourself sometime on the weekend to escape from work and let relaxation kick in. While it’s challenging to distance yourself from work, taking baby steps to do so will help you rejuvenate your mind and boy for an awesome Monday!Share your relaxation ideas on social media and tag MyCTOFriend! We’ll love to see all the great ideas you and your team came up with!

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