No tech co-founder?

No problem!
We use A.I. to help you as a TECH Co-pilot

We help non-technical Founders Save up to 80% of their development costs, while avoiding the many pitfalls tech startups face.

Build your digital product and assemble your team with
confidence with our proven tech advisory and coaching program.

Are you tired of not knowing which breast you want when it comes to tech?

MyCTOfriend accompanies you hand in hand every step of the way with a neutral and expert eye. From the ideation phase to the recruitment of your future CTO. Our coaches will guide you to make the best choices and navigate the ocean of technology with complete peace of mind.

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"How to build a startup without CTO" Training

We provide you with all the resources and skills you need!

Content Library

Customized modules

Group & 1 on 1 Mentoring

Project coaching

Meet your co-pilot

Difficult to build a coherent roadmap that integrates all aspects of your project and measures your progress?

No problem, you will have :

  • A library of content about entrepreneurship and tech
  • Customized learning modules according to your profile, your sector of activity and the stage of development of your project
  • Individual and group mentoring
  • Weekly updates and OKR templates to measure your progress

Here's what a few customers have to say about My CTO friend...

Perfect mentoring

"If you are non technical, the risk of making it by yourself is just too big. We don't realize what we are getting into before we get into it. I'm extremely grateful for what MyCTOfriend has done for us"

Peter A.
CEO - Panda Habits

Impressive !

"I was actually impressed by the solution provided, by the knowledge provided. As a non technical person, MyCTOfriend provided me insurance and assurance that I do a good job from a technical point of view".

Tatiana M.
CEO - Prime Target

The right skills

"It was very important to understand what would be needed and what are the solution available. I can tell you that MyCTOFriend have the right skills to understand, to listen, to promote and to define what's the best for your company."

Vincent K.
CEO - Book MyHelo

Get started with

"How to build a startup without CTO" Training