Startups should use Mac and here’s why!

Startups should use Mac and here’s why!
Startups should use Mac as it was built for collaboration, making your teams more integrated.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Friends vs How I Met Your Mother, Pepsi vs Coke, Mac vs PC. Rivalries usually are about personal taste, but when it comes to tech rivalry, it goes beyond the design and budget. And we’ll tell you why startups should use Mac.Whether you are starting or growing your business, using the most appropriate equipment is a fundamental part of it, not just for your developing team, but for everyone.

Macs are more reliable

Startups must consider aspects of system stability and reliability when choosing the computers for their team, as it impacts on employee’s productivity and required tasks. Imagine how annoying it is to constantly interrupt your work because of bugs and repairs?Taking into account that a variety of companies produce PC, which runs on Windows, dealing with different product specifications of the hardware makers, its performance can vary from one product to another.Macs are built solely by Apple Inc., allowing more control over software and hardware used in the machines, thus ensuring quality standards as all of those are tailored made to work in macOS.We are referring to the operating system stability and how it’s less likely to present problems and bugs. Also, with the recurrent new versions releases and updates, it’s easy to keep a bug-free machine.

Better for coding

Mac is better for development teams, since they'll keep a Unix environment and business required software.

Joining the designer chorus to advocate for Mac, you’ll find the developers! But here, we’ll jump into a bit more technical details, so you’ll understand why it’s their favorite operating system (OS).Developers must have real control over the development environment, to create software for example, and then test it in their own environment. Considering large servers and complex infrastructure, the majority of it still uses the Unix server.Unix is a server environment created in the 70s, which has been used in different OS, like Linux and Freebsd, considering the Mac OS. Because of that, it’s just easier to test software development, as it’s a Unix-like operating system.We are talking about the interface between human and computer, used to facilitate the interaction between the software and hardware components. In other words, the OS is what makes the computer work.So why not use a Linux, instead, as it also runs on a PC? Because it doesn’t support most of the software used in business, demanding developers to dedicate some time to make things compatible with Linux before using it.Startups should use Mac, as it allows developers to work in an environment similar to servers, the Unix, as well as have all the software required for business purposes. It will increase the efficiency of your development team and better integrate them with others.

Built for cooperation

Interoperability is an ugly word with a great meaning! It refers to the capacity of different information systems to connect, cooperate, share, and use exchanged data. It can happen by physically connecting the devices or through a server network.That’s another excellent reason why Startups should use Mac. The interoperability from the Macbook to an Ipad, to an iPhone, manages to keep a seamless experience in different environments. You can even set a brand new device just by bringing another one closer!Mac computers are made for collaboration, allowing employees to access information and work together, despite location or operational system, and in real-time. How they became so good at this?Well, there were very few options available for Mac Os, in the beginning, so they had to develop their own products to become more attractive for customers. And they simply continued to do a great job, even with more competition of new applications and APIs launched every day.

Set for productivity

A Macbook will help your team become more productive.

If you think that a Mac doesn’t really offer a competitive advantage concerning productiveness for non-creative professionals, you are not using it right. Here are a few tips to set your computer to serve your most common needs:

Hot corner

It’s a convenient way to navigate through your Mac. Go to System Preferences > Mission control > Hot corner.You’ll have four dropdown menus to assign actions to, including show desktop, open launchpad, display to sleep, screensaver, notification center. After setting, just slide to one of the corners to perform an action at any time.

Text replacements

Stop spending your time typing greetings, addresses, signatures, and other common text you use. Create a shortcut for any phrase and your Mac will replace it for the entire string.Again, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text, and add what you need along with the examples available. These replacements will apply to every application where you can input text.

Save searches

No more searching the same items over and over again. Your Mac can store your searches in Smart folders, which can be categorized by a chosen criteria.Just perform a search in Finder. On the right top will be able to add any criteria you want by clicking on +, then name your new folder and save. It will be accessible on the sidebar, directly.


Productivity walks hand-in-hand with organization, plus who doesn’t like to work with a clean and clear desktop, right? Stacks functionality will do that for you.Click on a blank part of your desktop, then View menu and Add Stacks. Magically all your shortcuts, files, and folders will be grouped in Stacks, by the category you selected.

Pock (Touch Bar Macbook Pro only)

To create even more space for your apps, you can add shortcuts to your Touch Bar menu, using the Pock free utility. It allows you to launch and switch your apps with only one touch, and access information like weather reports and battery at a glance.

Save time and money

Startups should use Mac thinking as a long-term investment. At first, a Mac computer will seem far more expensive than a PC, which isn’t completely wrong. But we must consider that it will also last longer and require much less maintenance.Another great selling point for Apple’s computers is the support available. You’ll find most of the troubleshooting at Apple Support. If necessary, you can reach them by phone or schedule a time at an Apple Store to check on your equipment for free.

Mac also carries a status

Startups should use Mac taking into consideration the long-term effects. Making an informed decision at the very beginning of their development will impact the outcomes of it, and how easy the next steps will be. Investing in high-performance equipment for your team, will not only improve their productivity and help in achieving better results, but it will also demonstrate your confidence in the work.Of course, sometimes you’ll find yourself having to convince someone used to PC or Linux operating systems. In this case, the best way to determine which is the most appropriate OS, is the product the company wants to build and the features required to achieve it.If you are serious about starting your own business, follow us on social media and subscribe to My CTO Friend Youtube channel to have the best business and tech management free content to help you achieve success!

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