How to use Artificial Intelligence in your startup

How to use Artificial Intelligence in your startup
Artificial Intelligence for startups

Artificial Intelligence is no news for most of us. Who hasn’t watched Spielberg’s A.I in the early ’00s, right?Ok, maybe we could say that Siri, Alexa, and Google are all out there to help you cook without burning whatever is in the oven, find out at what time the store opens, remind you of an appointment, among other everyday tasks.Actually, you can check this list at Bored Panda on how many times Amazon’s Alexa failed on her daily duties…But, despite the fact we can have loads of laughs at these assistants, Artificial Intelligence is improving at a fast pace and you want to know what it can do for your startup business, no?

To clarify a few concepts: Artificial Intelligence x Machine Learning x Deep Learning

Machine learning and AI

We should understand Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) as branches of a much broader field that is Artificial Intelligence (AI).AI comes from the belief that machines can mimic human reactions and behaviors, for that we need to teach, or even better, program them to understand human interactions.That’s exactly where ML joins in. It’s the idea that those machines can actually learn on their own, based on experiences, and adapt.And the DL is a Machine Learning method. Based on deep neural networks, it allows even unsupervised learning from raw data. Meaning, extremely accurate algorithms capable of processing the Big Data!Some examples of how useful it can be, are facial and speech recognition, streaming suggestions of tv shows and songs to your playlist.

Dive in the lake: starting with AI

Forbes just published an article on how companies can use this same technology to improve their operations and customer experience, as an alternative to the outdated data silos.Instead of gathering pieces of disconnected information from different departments and software, you could simply keep a data lake. Data in its raw form is suitable for AI, so you can use services like AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure to automate your marketing campaigns based on customers’ behavior and social media activity.For that, make every team open their data to the others within the business, and let the data scientists do their job!

AI is on fire

As we mentioned in a previous article, investors are opened to Artificial Intelligence this year, so this is something you should pay attention to. Here are some of them, pointed earlier this month by Forbes as well.Right now, Improving communication between native language (humans) and machines is a trend. Especially because it is based on these efforts that technology will refine and become more accurate.Although chatbots are quite popular when it comes to sales, customer services, and marketing, they are far from sounding a real human. Working on their answers repertoire and emotions recognition is a must! How’s that as a new project?

Health care and Machine Learning

Machine learning in health care

On the other hand, HBR published not so long ago 3 aspects about Machine Learning that are not well when it comes to health care.The main, and most obvious, is the lack of emotions. ML can analyze and identify fractures and help in disease prevention, but it’s not provided with the sensibility to understand the mental state of a patient.Another fact pointed by Susan Devore, the CEO of Premier, is the difficulties to integrate the decision support tools to Electronic Health Record workflow. People simply did not use it, because they don’t have the time.Even though ML can be super accurate in classifying medication and analyze a patient's condition, it’s still necessary a human expert to oversee and correct its work when appropriate.

Challenges are opportunities

We can find plenty of successful cases where AI was extremely helpful, but we shouldn’t forget that every stage of its development offers new challenges, hence, new opportunities to learn, research and innovate.Whether you are looking for assets to improve your startup business or developing new products and solutions, AI is not something to miss.And even if you don’t know where to start, you can always reach a friend to help, like MyCTOfriend! Access to start a coaching program to help you grow your business.

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