Graphic facilitation: using drawings for meetings and ideas generation

Graphic facilitation: using drawings for meetings and ideas generation

Meetings are part of any startup routine, but there are ways and ways to run them effectively. Here we are presenting one of our favourite techniques: graphic facilitation!

If you are used to conducting meetings, you know how hard it is to take notes of everything, keep the conversation on the focus, engage everyone, and really get the expected results.This creative and simple technique will absolutely help you get your team on the same page, in an understandable and dynamic way, not missing any ideas. Let’s see how![caption id="attachment_10326" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]

Graphic facilitation is he visual representation of ideas, that helps understanding its meaning.

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What is the graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation or visual facilitation is simply connecting an image to a text to explain an idea, persuade and communicate. Its main function is conducting a group and shaping the conversation or meeting.Do not mistake it for a graphic recorder, which simply organizes information in a visual representation. And here’s why you should start using it in your team’s meetings right now!

What are the benefits of using graphic facilitation?

These drawings can be effective tools. And the best is that it doesn’t require any special skills! Graphic facilitation can be used on strategy, planning, product development… you name it. Besides stimulating participation, visual facilitation works as a note-taking method. It helps your team to memorize the topics, catch peoples’ attention, and facilitate understanding.When it comes to graphic facilitation, the most important thing is the meaning. Many advertisements are based on real-time drawings because people focus on meaning more than on the design or shape of things.

Starting with graphic facilitation

The process is quite simple: during a meeting, the graphic facilitator draws a visual representation of ideas as topics are discussed.The drawings are used to generate more ideas and help to summarize the discussion.A few arrows and shapes can describe so much more than plain text. It’s quite easy to draw places, products, customers, shipping, payment, feedback, or CRM, database, mailing, etc.This is Amaury, CEO and founder of MyCTOfriend, first try as a graphic facilitator:

Graphic facilitation example

Here, we can see that a single customer who by fruits on a regular basis, will recommend it and therefore generate many new customers and sales. He obviously lacks the skill of an artist, but does it matter?The drawings aren’t meant to compete with the “Mona Lisa” for a spot at the Louvre. They are meant to present a business idea. So, our question to you is: Did you understand the Amaury’s drawing?Well, the only way to improve visual facilitation is by practicing.According to Romain Couturier, an Agile coach who presented at the Agile Tour in Aix-Marseille, the only skill needed is the ability to draw squares, triangles, circles, and a few other shapes.The video “Learning Graphic Facilitation” suggests using basic drawing skills to craft people and places.Text can be used to accentuate a drawing. For example, if your horse looks more like a turtle, complement your drawing by writing “horse” on it. The point is to make the meaning clear.You can also prepare posts to be used and filled up with your team during the meeting. Another great way to help your team keep focused is by copying the final chart and distribute it.

Why don’t you try?

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Simple drawing can help explaining complex ideas!

Copyright @Creative Market[/caption]It doesn’t matter if your meeting is about defining goals, looking for solutions or just weekly catchup on the results, you can always add an image to it.So how do you feel about drawing? The worst that could happen is coming up with new and awesome solutions.Share your drawings on social media and tag MyCTOfriend profile! We’ll love to see all the great ideas you and your team came up with!

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