Boost your career by becoming an intrapreneur!

Boost your career by becoming an intrapreneur!
You don't need to quit your day job to pursue your dreams. Instead, become an intrapreneur!

If you are interested in taking on more responsibilities than your job requires, or look for ways to make it more meaningful and satisfying, you probably have a strong entrepreneurial mindset. But you don’t need to quit your day job to pursue your dream! Instead, consider becoming an intrapreneur.Intrapreneurs, or corporate entrepreneurs, are creative and proactive individuals responsible for driving innovation in existing companies. Here, you’ll see what it takes to become a successful intrapreneur!

4 Steps for becoming an intrapreneur

Becoming an intrapreneur is taking an entrepreneurial approach in your own career. It means that you need a plan to move on and grow, based on your previous knowledge and experience and focused on your aspirations.

Step 1: Know your company

How well do you know your company’s goals, plans, strategy, and challenges? You should learn as maximum as possible about your own department’s pain points, present solutions, and try to apply it to other areas as well. This way you’ll expand your knowledge and gain support within the company.

Step 2: Create a Roadmap

Create a Roadmap of the problems you’ll solve, how you’ll do it, the costs involved, and the deadlines. You know, a real action plan for your endeavor. This is your career development plan and growth, remember?

Step 3: Try new things

An intrapreneur is creative and flexible and should be opened for trying new ideas. That also includes a certain tolerance for risk and failure. Offer different approaches for the company’s growth, and demonstrate your commitment to improving the company’s market performance.

Step 4: Develop leadership skills

If you want to grow in your career, you should also grow as a leader. Develop communication, confidence, and empathy skills are essential to your personal benchmark. In this article, we tell everything you need to know about being a great leader!With a consistent plan for your career, people will perceive in you the critical skills necessary to start new initiatives and bring more value to the company.

Companies want intrapreneurs!

Becoming an intrapreneur is a great opportunity to do what you love, without taking the risks of starting your own business!

Companies willing to attract and develop those professionals should build a culture that fosters intrapreneurship. And you, who are looking for exciting new opportunities, should pay attention to the signals.Forward-thinking companies looking for employees with an entrepreneurial mindset don’t put their employees into boxes. They want to know who you are, your personality, assets, and aspirations. In the hiring process, they’d use a behavioral approach, rather than assessing your hard skills.Proper workplaces for intrapreneurs offer meaningful rewards and recognition for a great job! It can be a card, a bonus, positive feedback, or anything else that feels like encouragement for innovative behavior.These companies are not afraid of role switching to meet employees’ skills and growth. They’re concerned about happiness in the workplace, as it impacts productivity and results. So, they’ll look for ways to match employees’ passions and talents in their work.Companies dream about having highly motivated people who take ownership of their work are very likely to bring positive changes to the business.

Advantages of intrapreneurship

While entrepreneurs focus on developing their own business from scratch, intrapreneurs will help to improve it from within. As an intrapreneur, you’ll have more stability to work, including access to resources.But differently from other employees, you’ll have more opportunities, working in more strategical and dynamic roles. You’ll help to shape to next steps within your company, evolving to a key stakeholder.Becoming an intrapreneur keeps you from assuming all the risks that your own endeavor requires, still you’ll be able to create new opportunities without renouncing to your current position. It’s a win-win scenario for both you and your company!Do you know any successful intrapreneurs? Have you done it yourself? Comment below!Stay up to date with all the best tips about startup and tech management! Follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn), and check our Youtube channel!

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