5 tips to build a remote company culture

5 tips to build a remote company culture
Company culture is about core values, not perks.

Company culture is the core values that translate the identity of the business. And these should reflect the behaviors and guide the steps to achieve the goals.The company culture will impact how employees feel and cooperate. It’s essential to make the business thrive! And to startups, it’s no different.Since the business culture has nothing to do with on-premises perks, very little changes for remote teams. But there are still a few aspects you should pay attention to.As a startup founder and employer, you need to understand what’s important to your team. If you have their expectations clear, you can sort out your company’s culture from there.Here are 5 tips to build a remote company culture with no mystery.

1. The digital culture

Well, if the digital age has taught us anything, it is that work no longer is a 9-to-5 obligation.There is a great percentage of the population who don’t fit in a regular company’s “good employee” mold. The internet has opened up a global market and thousands of new job opportunities, giving these people a space to show their skills, and to employers an opportunity to appreciate and harvest that untapped potential.

2. The flexible culture

Your employees' productivity doesn't rely on their location.

The whole point of working for a remote startup is the fact that you can work from anywhere!Digital nomadism is a great example of how people no longer need to be tied down to an office, a city, a country, or even a continent, to do their job.Your freelancers and employees want to work from and travel to wherever they want. There’s no problem with that if they get the work done, meeting quality standards, right?

3. The growth culture

Your startup’s growth isn’t the only one you should be worried about. In fact, your company will have a difficult time growing if its members are restrained.Remember when we mentioned Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Well, that’s where it goes.Investing in your employees is about recognition and support to help them become the best they can be!Not only it’ll make them happier, but it’ll also benefit your startup development and avoid turnover.What’s better for a company culture if not encouraging its employees to improve?

4. The healthy culture

Build a company culture that values your employees.

Unfortunately, this lifestyle and its freedom come with drawbacks, and health is the biggest one. Although in a remote team it’s not always obvious when someone isn’t 100%, it should be easy to flag any issues, both physical and mental. Burnout is a serious problem faced by all kinds of business, remote workers are not immune to it.If health insurance is not affordable, maybe a gym membership is a good start. But it’s priceless to have openness to discuss mental health, work-life balance, and having some time off when needed.

5. The worthy culture

Value your employees' for what they worth, not for where they live.

Salaries should be according to the value your employees deliver, not to where they live. Remember, you’re getting A+ workers, you should pay them what they’re worth.If they can have a San Francisco salary working from Thailand, that’s going to be a huge advantage for them, and a great tilt of the “employer balance” in your favor.

Company culture is about actions

The best way to communicate your culture is through actions, not by posting a beautiful text on your website or hiring people alike. Think about actionable values!As an employer, it should also be your priority to keep your employees and freelancers satisfied.After all, happy people make the most efficient and creative workers; and those who are best at what they do earn the luxury of taking risks for the sake of their own happiness.That’s the real power of remote management as a startup: getting A+ people from all over the world, the best in their fields, willing to build your dream with you. If you want to learn more about how to manage your remote team, check more of our free content, subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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